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Why Transformational Touch Therapy?

Massage is one of the most powerful and ancient natural therapies on the planet. There are many different reasons why people book a Massage treatment:

  • The need to unwind and release muscular tension, stress and pain,
  • Recharging depleted energy levels,
  • Helping energy that feels ‘stuck’ to start flowing again,
  • Replenishing our need for safe, nurturing, human touch and connection with others.

What is less well known is the powerful transformational effect that the right type of Massage can have: Transformational Touch Therapy helps you to effortlessly let go of years of conditioning, from ‘voices in your head’ that say you’re not good enough, to traumas and automatic fear responses that stop you living your life to the full.  Respectful, safe and gentle human touch dissolves these negative messages, leaving you free to start designing the life you want to live.


Transformational Touch Therapy then supports you in maintaining any changes you make.  By replacing the negative messages with more positive ones you avoid falling back into familiar old patterns.  When you have regular treatments you keep these positive messages ‘topped up’, to counteract any negativity coming up around you.


Visualisations and affirmations are much more effective when you are being touched at the same time.  Touch goes straight into the same part of the brain that processes trauma, bypassing the conscious analytical mind.  The combination of touch and positive words then makes the words much more believable.

The Feel Good Factor

Transformational Touch Therapy is the most powerful way to reconnect and feel great! Massage is certainly one of the most scientifically tested and researched of all the complementary and natural health therapies. So often our problems stem from a disconnection from ourselves and our truth – Massage addresses this directly. Deep or light, slow or fast – Massage helps you to bring your awareness back into your body and the ‘here and now’. 

NO HANDS Massage takes the powerful and ancient therapy of Massage to a whole new level and for this reason it is now the fastest growing approach to Massage therapy in the UK.  Transformational Touch Therapists have been trained to the top (Master) level in NO HANDS Massage, and then received further training specifically in dealing with trauma and transformation.

You really do need to experience it in order to understand it, which is why we say…

Take time out,

Just feel it