About Me

My Qualifications

In 2003 I qualified in Holistic Massage with ITEC, and began training in NO HANDS Massage in February 2004.  I qualified as a NO HANDS Practitioner in May 2004 and have been working as a Massage Therapist ever since.  In June 2006 I passed my Mastery Assessment, known as “the World’s toughest Massage exam” and earned the title NO HANDS Master Therapist.  This does not mean I have stopped learning; by now I have clocked more than 3,000 hours of training in this amazing psychosensory therapy called NO HANDS Massage.

Hand massageMy Interests

I am very passionate about touch and particularly NO HANDS Massage. This means I “walk the talk” of Massage therapy and have regular treatments myself, from the best therapist I can find.  To me, Massage is about so much more than kneading, stretching and loosening the muscles; it is a life transforming therapy.  When I touch a client, I touch a human being, with his/her own hopes, dreams, traumas and memories…  NO HANDS Massage works on all different aspects of a human being; physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

My Philosophy

I believe that regular Massage is absolutely essential for a healthy, happy and successful life.  In our World at the moment there are so many sources of stress; work and money worries; relationship struggles, physical challenges, electromagnetic radiation, toxic chemicals in the environment, and an overload of information coming at us 24/7 through the Internet, to name but a few. Needless to say that most of that stress has a tendency to find its way into our bodies, as if we each have to “carry the weight of the World on our shoulders.”  Massage is such a great way to soothe away all these stresses, and that hour a week or a month on the Massage table can help you feel so much lighter, and help you refocus on the things that are important to you.